After years of more or less good home-brewed espresso, I decided to use a phase with a little reduced work-load to delve into the secrets of espresso making.
I'm not the guy who is happy with buying one of the latest high-end machines, accepting the established golden rules, push a button and enjoy. I like to question things, understand coherences, fiddle around, do some testing and so on. With expensive machines, this is problematic, as every once a while something goes banana. Therefore, I chose an experimantal setup which is based on my old lowcost consumer machine extended by some nifty features.

The espresso section on this site serves as laboratory journal and therefore does not claim to be complete, useful or sensible.

Reasonable informations about espresso can be found at home-barist.com and kaffee-netz.de.

The machine contains the mechanical setup.
Electronics provides some informations about the eletronic components used.
Measurements logs the measurement results and conclusions.
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