A fotran 90 library to access Xml structured files


LIBXML2F90 provides routines to hold and access Xml [*1]
structured data in a linklist structure.
It allows you to
a) read and parse Xml structured files into an atomatically generated linklist
b) access the linklist stored data
c) build upyour own linklist at runtime
d) write linklist structured data in XML format.

*1) The format is acctually more flexible than pure Xml: one can use id=value
pairs between opening/closing tags. In addition,
there is no need for quotation marks around values.

The parsing approach is conceptual different from SAX similar approaches.
Because the data is held in a linklist, it can be browsed and processed
at any time and does not have to be processed on readin. In this way,
one can e.g. edit XML files and write them back to a file. The
possibility to (easily) build up your own linklists at runtime allows you
to write any data in XML structure to a file.

For further details see the README

The CVS, bugtracer, download etc. are located @

Some project actually using the libXml2f90 are listed below.

project name project description corresponding author location email
various analysis tools for ab-initio total energy calculations Clemens Foerst Dep.of Mat. Sci., MIT -
civx Particle Imaging Velocimetry Gauthier Delerce civx.org -
- Simulation of fussion plasma David Suarez Perera Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria -
various analysis tools for PAW calculations Sascha Hemmen Dep. Theor. Physics, TU-Clausthal -
SESM dft electronic structure code Alexander Poddey Dep. Theor. Physics, TU-Clausthal alexander.poddey _AT_ gmx.net

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